DRAGON- fighting sports equipment

Craftsmanship tailor store TD ZMAJ Ruma, Serbia, is a family business that involves production and selling fighting sports equipment.  During our short market presence we've managed to establish ourselves as a company of optimal qualiy/price ratio. Year by year we attract more and more satisfied customers that seem to always find their way back to our company.

Firma TD ZMAJ is a union of quality imported materials from the countries of EU combined with our knowledge and working experience.

Our merchandise is being distributed by DHL mail across the whole EU.

Our prices are the most favorable in Europe, check us up!!!

TD Zmaj (Dragon)
e-mail: zmajborilackaoprema@gmail.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kimona.zmaj

Braće Jerković 153, Voždovac
Phone: +381 11 249 28 87
+38163 84 78 858 viber

RUMA, Serbia
Draginje Nikšić br. 25api
Phone: +381 22 477 012

LOCATION MAP, click here